This love is ours.

Hey the names Kelly ;) 23 years old, but I act 16. I am a lesbian. Im kind, easy to get along with, and will help ANYONE out when they need it. I live, love, and laugh on the Jersey Shore. No, I am not a guidette. I love Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Ratchet and Clank and Ellen Hopkins novels. I design and code websites as a hobby, which I love. I am engaged to someone who has a better soul than anyone I know; she lights up my every day. Her name is Courtney. We live in an apartment with our two kitties, Luna(mine) and Carmen(hers). Please, blow up my ask box with anything else you'd like to know <3 :)
The hilarity of changing the word 'wand' to 'willy' quote graphics

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